Now offering custom community guides!

Venture South Media can produce, print and distribute city, newcomers' and visitors' guides at no cost to you! We work with chambers of commerce, cities, towns, counties, and other organizations along the way! It also requires ZERO WORK for you!

Or, for an investment less than you think, we can produce a magazine with no advertising that's just for you! Think church anniversaries, company milestones, campaign packets, etc. The options are limitless!
Our advertising rates for sponsors average 50% lower than other media companies. Our schedule is filling up quickly. If you would like information on having us create a beautiful guide for your community, email
  [email protected]  .

Unfortunately, we no longer produce community maps due to low interest from sponsors and skyrocketing costs to print. There are, however, many great ways to market your community with specialized community guides, theme spreads in Venture South Magazine, videos, and other options we offer.